A Unique Approach to Boudoir

It was 2014 when my approach to boudoir went viral worldwide.

Before that time, you didn't really see a lot of fine art nudity without sexual undertones. As time went on, I saw a phenomenon sparked by my project. Documenting nude bodies and interviewing the person about themselves started to become a popular trend amongst photographers. With the onset of the body positivity movement in coincidence with my project on radical self acceptance, I found a purpose for my artwork.

I want to show people your canvas AND help you tell your story. This experience is not merely fine art photographs of your body, this is a platform to be seen and heard. There is a story behind those pretty pictures you're wanting. I am here to tell it the best I can with your permission. 

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When estimating the needs of each person, I tend to prefer quotes be done on a one on one basis on the phone. My base rate is $1250 for solo boudoir and $2250 for partners boudoir but rates can vary depending on your intersections of oppression. We do offer a sliding scale to individuals living in the lower class. Other intersections will be considered but the folks running this business live with several coinciding intersections themselves. 

Pricing reflects paying our team a thriving wage and sustaining our business legally. 

Investing in your artwork

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I graduated beauty school in St. Louis, Missouri at Grabber School of Hair Design in 2016. I have made a nice home in the city of Chicago. You will find that I am educated on working with all hair textures and skin tones. 

I am dedicated to creativity, exceeding expectations, and building strong client relationships. I’m always striving to learn and deliver the best service to every person that sits in my chair!

I'm passionate about comfort, inclusion, and growth. My background is in psychology, intersectional activism, and art theory. I'm fascinated by people and their stories, as well as body diversity that is centered around fat positivity. I don't really believe fatness to be morally bad, or a choice. I think that each person deserves a safe space to breath in their body. Hopefully upon getting to know me and this process, you'll come to understand I'm here to accommodate and support you in this.







"It was such an affirming and empowering experience.
Ez is incredibly accommodating, inclusive, welcoming, and thoughtful. Not to mention the results were stunning!"



"Ez did my first boudoir shoot ever.
Even though I was super nervous and felt really awkward, they helped me feel more comfortable with myself. They also taught me a lot about self love through the process. The photos came out better than I had envisioned. They’re extremely talented!"



"Ez is amazingly talented! I was a little nervous, this being my first boudoir photo shoot; but they made me feel extremely comfortable! Not to mention how FUN it turned out being! They are professional, timely, and accommodating. I will recommend them to all family and friends looking for a photographer!"