Minimalistic Milwaukee Boudoir Photography

A black woman looks off camera right and light pours in from the window. She wears a long pink floral lace babydoll top.
She crosses her legs, looks down at her lap, and leans in towards the camera.
She tugs at her underwear with one of her hands and looks directly at the camera with her head tilted to the right.
A close up of her body, both hands grab the sides of her underwear and pulls the down to the side.
A close up side profile of her breasts, her hand is curled into her chest, cusping her breast.
She lays back into her twin bed and crosses her legs.
She twists her body towards the camera and looks with a smile.
Still laying down on her twin bed, she looks off into the distance. College schedules hang on the wall above her head.
A portrait style photograph of her grabbing her face with her hands with her eyes closed.
A headshot. She holds both her cheeks, lightly placing her fingertips on them. She stares at the camera straight on.

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