Pilsen Boudoir Photography

How would you rate your self esteem prior to this session?
8 (very good)

What goes into that number?
I have a lot of confidence and think I’m pretty great, even though loving my body takes ongoing work.

How do you identify in the fat liberation movement?
I’m definitely into fat liberation and put effort into challenging diet culture among my friends and family, as well as internally.

What is your favorite body part?
I have really great boobs.

What type of body acceptance do you practice in your daily life?
I use the therapy tool of thought challenging and reframing to change my relationship with my body.

What do you appreciate your body for?
This is a challenging question because I’m disabled and have chronic pain, so some days it really feels like my body hates me. But I’m also a survivor of multiple suicide attempts, so I appreciate that my body has kept me alive, and it’s been partly because of my size– a smaller body likely would not have survived.

What advice do you have for others?
Body positivity and fat liberation require ongoing active choices to challenge diet culture norms and social scripts, internally and externally.

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