McHenry Outdoor Sunset Boudoir

Lyi is a newer member of my I Woke Up Like This self love group on FB. I invited her because she had these super friendly inviting vibes. Which is hard to find in a person these days.

It was really nice working with her and capturing her natural beauty. She did not do her makeup for this session, which I really love because it means I get to capture someone in their truest form before they do much to impress the outside world or “improve” their appearance. I like being able to show people they’re just as beautiful without it all.

If you find yourself self-conscious about your body, I can tell you photographing yourself in this state really improves your relationship with yourself most of the time. You have to be willing and ready. Some, a smallest of the smallest fraction, won’t see improvement but the overwhelming majority of those who shoot with me will tend to find some empowerment from the experience. And comfort from my presence.

Lyi, a light skinned mixed Puerto Rican woman with naturally tight curly purple hair and glasses, stands in a field of dead flowers. The frame cuts off at her waist, showing only her upper body. She wears a white mesh and lace bra with black straps. Her arms are crossed over her chest and she stares out into the distance.
A black and white photograph of her feet against the forest floor. Her right foot is crossed over her left, the right foot has the words “Madness or Brilliance?” tattooed onto the top of it.
Lyi is posing center frame of this black and white photograph. She leans against a tree trunk amongst all the dead forest foliage. Her legs are crossed and her arms are crossed behind her head. She looks dead center at the camera.
A horizontal close up of Lyi, a light skinned Puerto Rican woman with indie wire frame glasses and long curly purple hair. Her eyes are closed, she wears no makeup, this is an all natural headshot of her.
Lyi stands next to a large oak tree trunk. The background is filled with sunset lighting, this image has a warm tint to it. Lyi has one hand on the tree trunk and stares out into the distance.
Lyi is center frame on a path covered in leaves blurred into the background. Her purple hair stands out immediately against the brown tones of the fall leaves and dead foliage. Her arms are over her head and she stares straight into the camera.
The frame is distanced from and centered on Lyi with her arms over her head. It cuts off at her knees and extends up high into the sky. The faint blurred outlines of naked trees make up the right side while green coniferous pines make up the left. A pathway extends behind Lyi.
Lyi shakes and plays with her hair in the wind as her glasses fall down her face a little. She is smiling. The sunlight illuminates her light colored skin and purple hair, she wears a new outfit now. The location has changed and we’re shooting in a bright long grassy field by a tree farm.
Lyi frames her face with her hands and stares directly into the camera. She has a double nose ring, a blue lace robe, and her signature contemporary wire framed glasses on. The sun casts a warm orange pink tone over her face.
Lyi stands confidently with her hands on her hip bones in a purple sheer nightgown and a long sleeved sky blue lace robe. Below her hands is two handwritten tattoos on both legs. The right leg says Stay and the left leg says Strong. The wind is blowing Lyi’s hair and the robe against the frame of her body.
Lyi lays down in the long grass with her arms nestled behind her head and her legs staggered against one another in the sunlight.

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