Kathy Shines in the New Union, Illinois Boudoir Studio

This is the new studio home ya’ll! I am so excited to finally have a space somewhere with a private outdoor space. We’re now located in Union, Illinois. It’s an A-Frame midcentury home with tons of windows, charm, and room for us to shoot. The owner is another talented boudoir photographer and friend of mine, Megan Saul. We’ve known each other for almost ten years now and work together frequently.

Gardens all over the open spaces, trees filling in the pathways all over the property, and a small treated pond accompany the three acres of private property. They have plans to build an A-frame loft on the property for AirBnB renters to go camping. The images from this session were taken on one of the pathways near the house and inside of the completed upstairs studio. That being said, this location is not accessible. I have the lovely Loft 505 in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood on standby for anyone in need of elevator, nearby parking, and wheelchair accessibility.

On top of all these amazing features you’ll be giddy to find out this is also a cat sanctuary for twenty something medical fosters and forever home for some “un-adoptable” cats. Megan is currently raising funds (Venmo is @Megan-Saul) to help pay for Cloudy’s FIV treatment, which is well into $15,000 worth of expenses so far. The great news is Cloudy is doing phenomenally better than he was prior and his life is essentially saved by these treatments. He is cleaning himself, playing any chance he gets, and eating lots! Let’s help Megan keep the momentum up until he’s fully recovered (Venmo is @Megan-Saul)

Amongst all the cats there are also two medium sized dogs named Blueberry and Teddy. Blueberry is a bit shy with new people but intensely smart and loyal towards anyone she gets close to. She’s mostly just a pretty animal to look at for our visitors! If you’re lucky you’ll get hand licks and a little hello. Teddy keeps to himself as a dog and steals the occasional sandwich from you when you’re not looking. We’ve recently become better friends, as I found his tender spot is under his collar, so he now bugs me for pets whenever I’m over.

The room itself is decorated with vintage furniture and bed covers. We’re trying to replicate the room as if it were the year the house was designed and built. The a-frame of the room is made by original wood walls and a few rafters holding the peak of the ceiling together. The light inside of the room is both natural and moody. The windows are large and many, light pours onto the bed during the day.

Since this session, we’ve added a vanity and an armless sturdy chair set up in the corner. Megan added a bright green neon sign that you’ll see in my next blog. It says, “Why aren’t we naked yet?” which is appropriate since my next session to blog features lots of nudity.

Speaking of which, go on ahead and bookmark the blog to see the next session. I’ll be writing a blog about my oldest friend Saxon and her experiences with finding her gender identity. Welcome to my new studio though! And thank you for reading, as always.


ze/zem or they/them

An overhead shot of Kathy’s eyelashes and moody brown eye makeup. She holds her face and closes her eyes to show off both. Her nails are painted fire truck red to match her red lipstick.
A nude, fat curly haired redheaded white person stands in the snow barefoot and nude. She holds a large cut of white tulle material in front of her breasts and vagina. There is a small forest of trees in the background with a pathway leading into the distance.
A freckle covered nude white woman named Kathy stands in front of the camera with a bundle of white tulle covering her frontside. Her back side, her rolls, and her butt are all peaking out from the tulle. The most of her freckles gather at her shoulders, where her long curly red hair meets. It’s parted to the side. She wears red lipstick. The background is snow and trees. We’re on a pathway on the studio property.
Kathy lays on her stomach atop a queen sized bed with a white knit patterned duvet cover. She wears a short pastel pink night gown. She stares at the camera with her eyes narrowed and red lips pursed just a little.
Kathy stands against a white wall in the corner of the a-frame bedroom. She lifts her left leg to a tip toe and raises her night gown up to expose her matching pink underwear. Her other arm is over her head. On the foreground, there is blurred items on the side table and pillows on the bed. There’s a gold metal cat, a knitted portrait of a cat, and a small terrarium with a delicately small fern.
A black and white close up shot of Kathy sitting in a chair nearby the window. Light splashes onto her body to illuminate her holding her chest and breasts. Her head is cut off, to force focus onto her body. She wears a dark colored babydoll with lace on the edges of the breast and white flower embroidery on the cup.
Kathy, a fat white woman with red shoulder length curly hair, sits in an old wicker chair nearby the window. A wooden desk with a white lace cloth, a small vanity mirror, and a plant sit atop in the background. She places her hands up and onto the sides of her face as she gazes out the window. She is wearing a deep rich red colored babydoll with a split in the material in the middle. It exposes her stomach and frames her cleavage.
Painterly light eases into the shot and lights up Kathy holding her chest and cupping her breast. She smirks into the distance, looking outward the window.
A close up of Kathy’s chest, her hand sits lightly atop her breasts and light from the window artfully illuminates her cleavage.
A wide angle shot of Kathy standing in front of the four large windows in the Union studio. The table with the vanity and plants sits to the left of her in the corner while she stands in the far right windows. Her silhouette is one of a side angle. She raises her arms up over her head as her babydolls lace material hangs off her fat stomach
Kathy looks to her right at the camera with big eyes and a rested smile. Her hazel eyes are clear as day against her freckled pale complexion. She has her one hand resting below her chin while the other cradles her arm.
Kathy faces the window lighting and it shines onto her freckled white face. Her nails are painted red and her hands are both placed gently on either side of her face to create a frame. She opens her mouth a tiny bit and subtly smirks with her teeth.
Kathy closes her eyes and sits on the edge of the bed in her red babydoll. Her arm is up and placed on her chest. She lifts her head backwards and opens her mouth a little.
Kathy is a fat nude white woman covering her front with a long white tulle fabric. She’s tall, redheaded, and wears red lipstick. She stares camera left while sunshine pours into the backside of her exposed rear end. All her lavish rolls are showing, there is some cellulite in view.

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