This is the new studio home ya’ll! I am so excited to finally have a space somewhere with a private outdoor space. We’re now located in Union, Illinois. It’s an A-Frame midcentury home with tons of windows, charm, and room for us to shoot. The owner is another talented boudoir photographer and friend of mine, […]

Kathy Shines in the New Union, Illinois Boudoir Studio

March 22, 2021

Lyi is a newer member of my I Woke Up Like This self love group on FB. I invited her because she had these super friendly inviting vibes. Which is hard to find in a person these days. It was really nice working with her and capturing her natural beauty. She did not do her […]

McHenry Outdoor Sunset Boudoir

November 29, 2020

It was a bright, sunny day when Kenni arrived at my home. They walked in mask on and bags in tow. Good, I sigh with relief, they brought tons of options for today! This was a day I organized with creativity and fun in mind. I really let the light dictate the feeling of these […]

McHenry Sunset Boudoir Photographer

November 8, 2020

Tell me about your disabilities.My primary disability can either be classified as physical or neurological. It is called Cerebral Palsy or CP for short. Which is caused by brain injury due to a lack of oxygen that I was deprived at birth due to my Mothers drug use. Basically it affects all four of my […]

Boudoir University Spotlight Interview: Alexis LaShay Smith

October 20, 2020

Kevvie, Kathy, and I drove three hours north to visit this abandoned mansion and do a photoshoot—if we found it was still standing. We went on this massively long drive without really knowing what to expect. I’ve been doing urban exploration for a long time and knew there was a chance it was demolished. But […]

Abandoned Mansion Shoot with Cest Kevvie in Gresham, Wisconsin

June 26, 2020

How would you rate your self esteem prior to this session? 8 (very good) What goes into that number? I have a lot of confidence and think I’m pretty great, even though loving my body takes ongoing work. How do you identify in the fat liberation movement? I’m definitely into fat liberation and put effort […]

Pilsen Boudoir Photography

November 4, 2019

I’m asexual. It’s a unique perspective to photograph boudoir from. You’d think someone who doesn’t really like sex would struggle with portraying sexy but it’s quite the opposite for me. I’m hyper aware of sexuality as someone who prefers sensuality. It’s easy for me to pose people and encourage their sexual side to come out […]

Chicago Fine Art Boudoir Photographer

September 19, 2019

Today I woke up feeling like I was in a dream. It was one of those dreams that carries into your waking life and haunts you a tad until it disappears forever. Remembering my dreams would help me so much but letting them go is good for my busy mind. We spent a good portion […]

Logan Square Bridal Boudoir Photography

September 4, 2019

Ravenswood Studio Boudoir Session

September 2, 2019

Dana and Gia decided to hire me to shoot them together. There good friends and good people. I had a blast getting to know them both a little more. This was my second time photographing Dana. She was also featured in my spread for Hooligan Magazine back in 2014.

Chicago’s Rogers Park Boudoir Photography

September 2, 2019